Another giant leap for mankind!


Mars (at night!)

I must admit that the news coming from NASA right now is wonderful. After a decade of hard work and a 9-month journey of over 560 million miles, Curiosity has performed brilliantly and arrived safe and sound on the Red Planet. The fact that we were able to see images of this alien world within minutes of its landing is a testament to the brilliance of the engineers involved. It’s a stunning achievement and maybe the first step (bad choice of words, I know, but I couldn’t help it!) on our journey to having a man (or woman) walk there. How fabulous …and scary will that be? Well done, guys. It’s a helluva ride we’re on and long may it last.



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2 responses to “Another giant leap for mankind!

  1. Followed the landing of Curosity on Nasa tv. Truly a great moment. The dawning of a new age.

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