Mike Brookfield – Rock On!

Mike Brookfield - ripping it up!

Mike Brookfield – ripping it up!

Whelans was packed to the rafters (the only way!) for the Mike Brookfield Band’s latest gig that was a real stormer. The band showcased the new album BROOKFIELD, a fantastic mix of blues and rock that had the ‘best little venue in town’ crying for more. If you are a fan of Rory Gallagher or that other maestro Stevie Ray Vaughan then Mike Brookfield will blow you away with his blistering, peerless playing. And if the quieter, but intense, mood of old Slowhand himself (Eric Clapton) is your preferred taste then there is plenty here for you to enjoy. And his rendering of Jimi Hendrix’s classic Crosstown  Traffic was a belter. This is playing of the first order and that word awesome is, in this case, spot on. The three piece band are as tight a drum and showed a confidence and simpatico that was a joy to enjoy!

Are you read-y?

Are you read-y?

Bravo Brookfield!

Let's Play...

Let’s Play…

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