Limerick-a-Day: No. 60

A little piece, written in strange times. My daily limericks were written in response to Covid-19, the restrictions put in place and their effect on everyday life. Now, as the restrictions have  been relaxed I feel today’s poem will be the last in the series. Many thanks to all of you  who have read them and offered such warm encouragement, something for which I will be forever grateful. Stay Safe!

Music, lovely music has been a friend
In these strange days, without an end
Listen and ponder
Of what lies yonder
Better times with, no need to pretend


Limerick – what’s it all about?

It’s only five lines, no words to waste
So let’s begin, as we must make haste
The idea to rhyme
Time after time
The rhythm is good, a limerick’s fine taste

Don Cameron 2020


Food for thought...

Food for thought…


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