Southern Rocks

Killiney Beach

Killiney Beach

A walk on Killiney Beach is always welcome, and as I descended the steep steps the breeze blowing in from the sea was warm and infused with a familiar saltiness. With the sun high in the blue sky it was ‘the place to be’.
As I made my way along the beach I noticed small piles of stones close to the cliff and wondered how did they get there? On closer inspection I saw that they had been created by previous visitors and many of the stones had indeed been painted. It was the same with each of the piles, and I noted names written on some, colourful images, drawings and quotations on others.

Top Rock

Top Rock

There was even a nicely painted image of a local rock star, who I’m sure would be delighted to know that he’s finally ‘made it to Killiney Beach’. Although I did not see anybody painting stones while I was there, I suspect that with the good weather and more visitors on the beach this local attraction, the original ‘open-air gallery’, will continue to grow and entertain. Well done to all those rock artists – rock on!

Bono - 'because he's a ROCKer'

Bono – ‘because he’s a ROCKer’


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2 responses to “Southern Rocks

  1. Aileen O'Connor

    Killiney bay is so beautiful. Rockin rocks!

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