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Miro, Miro on the wall….


Miro’s house, Palma

It was the colours and shapes that did it. The first time I saw a painting by Joan Miro I was intrigued, and it made  me  smile. I think it was the dreamy, atmospheric quality that I responded to, and since then I have seen many of  his  paintings in different galleries. All are different, but they still have that playful air that is exciting.

He was a contemporary of Picasso and expressed contempt for conventional painting methods which he considered a way of supporting bourgeois society. As such, he developed his own style which many view as belonging to the Surrealism school of art, of which the most famous is another Spaniard, Salvador Dali. He was a multi-talented artist, and produced many works of sculpture and ceramics.



He left France at the start of World War II and lived between Barcelona and Palma, Majorca. It was here that he started his series of twenty-three paintings known as Constellations. It won praise from Andre Breton (the founder of Surrealism) and revolves around celestial symbolism with particular focus on women, birds and the moon – dreamy! While I was in Palma recently I went to see his house which he bequeathed to Palma and the superb gallery and studios. Being able to walk around the space where he created these wonderful paintings was a real treat and a must-see for any Miro fan – dream on!


The artist’s studio – where the magic happened….

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