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Summer in Dublin


Fountain of fun!

One of the great things about having such fabulous weather is the opportunity for people to spend time in the local parks. Although undoubtedly pretty throughout the year they are not as inviting as they are now, when people stretch out on the dry grass and enjoy the sunshine. The blue sky looks down on a pleasant scene where ice creams, cold drinks and sun lotion are in much demand. And in St Stephen’s Green large crowds gather around the old bandstand when brass bands, classical violin quartets or up-and-coming bands play. It’s one of the joys of summer, and on these hot, sunny days a real treat for those relaxing on the manicured lawns.

All around the park flowers are in magnificent bloom, a riot of exciting colour that many sit and enjoy. Walking over the small O’Connell Bridge the centre of the park isĀ  a sight to behold where the fountains’ waters sparkle in the sunlight, surrounded by more beds of flowers. Many people, locals and tourists alike, throw coins into the fountains while others dip their toes in the cool spray. Around the lake the ever hungry ducks and birds swoop and screech demanding food. Although only a short distance from the busy, surrounding roads the park is amazingly quiet, and is a perfect place to have a quiet coffee, chatĀ  and watch the world go by. Yes, summer in Dublin is a real treat!


The lake from O’Connell Bridge

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