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Go fly a kite!

Beach Boys....

Beach Boys….

The sky was the purest blue, broken only by the long contrail of a high-flying jet, and the air was as warm as you could hope for. The  sand was soft and the beach was a hive of activity – more like somewhere in Spain than Clontarf – as the music blared out. It was an excellent setting for the Kite Festival and the North Bull Island, the city’s largest public area was looking more  Mediterranean than I thought it could ever be. It was as Lou Reed might have said ‘A perfect day.’

The Causeway had become a snake-like car park by the time  I arrived and joined the noisy, happy families and kids as we made our way through the dunes. There was real anticipation in the air as we got closer and heard the first sounds of summer music. The place was alive. I didn’t know what to expect but the colourful sight of loads of kites flying high and handsome against the continuous blue above was simply brilliant. And quite beautiful.

Up, up and away....Kite heaven

Up, up and away….Kite heaven

   There was a line of tents selling ice-cream, cold drinks, T-shirts and various knickknacks. Inside the last one people were happily learing how to make a kite, and the shouts and yelps of enthusiasm were infectious. The teacher had a great time showing ‘how it was done’ before bringing his new followers onto the beach and flying a kite. His was an expert, and I could only stand and admire his skill in making the highly coloured kite swoop and dive to the cheers of the mesmerised onlookers. Altogether it was great way to spend an afternoon in Dublin and really enjoy one of the best days of the year. Go fly a kite – why not!

Blowin' in the wind!

Blowin’ in the wind!



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