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Neil Armstrong – One Small Step

That’s all it took – one small step – and Neil Armstrong made history. It was the culmination of so many dreams,Apollo 11 dating back to the time when man first looked up at the night sky and wondered. It was the crowing achievement for NASA and a magical, wonderous moment frozen for all time. When he stepped onto the Lunar surface and spoke those famous words, his grammatical error in omitting the indefinite article ‘a’ has made his declaration all the more memorable. They were the words of a clever but humble man, who considering his worldwide fame, preferred to live a quiet life absorbed in his family and professional career. Of all his qualities, and they were many, this ‘Quiet Man’ image has endured and endeared him to people long after his exploits. I, like many, remember where I was on that momentous day, 20th July, 1969 watching those grey, exciting images from a quarter of a million miles away. It was unforgettable, and although he will not take another step, his words will be remembered for all time and, hopefully, be an inspiration for generations to come. Safe journey!


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