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Limerick-a-Day: No.3

A little piece, written in strange times


No walks in the park, or on the strand
The joys of life, now sadly banned
They’ll come a new
For me and you
And that day will be, ‘Oh so grand’.


Don Cameron 2020

Tread gently...

Tread gently…


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Dublin – A Poem (on Bloomsday)

Why do I love Dublin?   
It’s very hard to say
Is it the people or the places
Or is it the Dublin way?

It’s hard to put the words on here
The thoughts are in my head
But when I come to say the words
Something else comes out instead

I love the wit, the humour
The odd sarcastic rhyme
The way they give a word to things
And nicknames all the time

The people are the soul of it
There’s one in every crowd
Their voices maybe lilting
But basically so proud

Why do I love Dublin?
Go on, ask me if ya dare
I’ll tell you friend, I’ll tell you clear
Cause I was born right there

Acknowledgement to PJ Doyle. (Paddy Doyle)

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