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M ay is the month, the last of Spring

A nd all expecting, a warm upswing

Y es, it’s time to chance

B eam wide and dance

E njoy the air, and have a fling!

Lily of the Valley

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Oh, to a Night In Jail

With Chapman’s Homer done, I got ready to sail

Athens was fun, of much cheap wine I did avail

In the bar a scuffle

What crazy kerfuffle

I’d run out of mon(ey), so spent a Night in Jail


Dedicated to John Keats, poet (31 Oct 1795 – 23 Feb 1821)


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Jonathan Swift – A Wordy Man

A writer of letters, was St Patrick’s famed Dean

And of poetry, pamphlets, you know what I mean

His Letter from a Drapier

Like the blade of a rapier

Cut to the bone, as he vented his spleen

Gulliver's chillin'

Lemuel Gulliver – float on!

His most famous work was Gulliver’s Travels

To Lilliput, Laputa and many, crazy hassles

The Yahoos were crude

Oh how he was screwed

Gotta go now, can’t be somebody’s vassal

Jonathan Swift - wit, poet and Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral

Jonathan Swift – wit, poet and Dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral

Late in his life, Frideric Handel came to find

Musicians and singers, of a very special kind

His Messiah was a treat

Swift tapping his feet

At the feast of music, for body and mind

Messiah – 13 April 2007

Writing clever satire, now there’s the rub

None better however, than A Tale of a Tub

Stylistically inventive

Now, please be attentive

For after all is considered, he’s a real Dub!


Dedicated to Jonathan Swift who was born on 30th November 1667

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Dancing Leaves

Remember November when old leaves fly

Like flocks of birds in the greying sky

They scatter and drift

On winds so swift

A dancing image to gladden our eye

Dancing Leaves

Dedicated to a dear friend, Paul, who sadly passed away this week.


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The Killiney Guy

On top of the hill, I spied with my eye

A movie star known, as The Killiney Guy

‘Twas definitely Matt Dublin*

Onlookers were bubblin’

A smile, a wave, then a swift goodbye!


*Matt Damon

Don Cameron 2020


Killiney Hill...and you never know who you'd see

Killiney Hill…you never know who you  might see!


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St Stephen’s Green – Heart of the City

St Stephen’s Green, is the heart

Of Dublin City, much history and DART

How splendid its call

To one and all

In the sunshine, it looks so smart


Where Ardilaun, Rossa and Joyce reside

Best not to rush, your time to bide

Full of colourful flowers

In quiet, shady bowers

Our Garden of Eden, and place to hide


Sunbeams dancing, upon the lake

A gardener busy, with his rake

Birds squawk to be fed

Throw them some bread

A moment passes, much joy to take


Don Cameron 2020


Me, me...over here!

Me, me…over here!

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The strand is empty, on my own

Tide’s going out, just bubbling foam

Gulls dive and swoop

They screech and whoop

Lost in thought, I continue to roam


The salty air, is sharp and clear

A gentle breeze, brings smiling cheer

Crushing shells clickety, clack

Onwards now, no going back

Twin Towers at Poolbeg, getting near


Rising sunlight, a stunning surprise

Feast for heart, and my gazing eyes

I love being here

Any time of year

Always, forever how my spirits do rise


Don Cameron 2020

Twin Towers at Poolbeg Power Station

Twin Towers at Poolbeg Power Station

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Sunday Poem – No. 3 ‘Look Forward’

We can travel now further than before
Restrictions lifted, happy are we folk
Meet family and friends now once more
Relax a little and sharing a joke

The sun is shining bringing up a smile
Too long missed, keen to reveal again
Our long-awaited improvement not to foil
Peace and love a gift from wise old Zen

The tension has dropped and colours do shine
Sounds in the garden back on the wing
Nice to see you looking so bright and fine
Better talking like this than having to ring

Habits are changing, our future unclear
Approach it with strength, no sign of fear

Don Cameron 2020

Float, float on...

Float, float on…

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The Bloomsday Boy

Ulysses, James Joyce’s most famous work, is set on June 16th and has become known as Bloomsday. It is celebrated with great gusto and reverence all over the world, and this ‘Limerick for Jimmy’ is my contribution.


Looking for a book, with plenty of choice

Try Ulysses, there’s many a device

With Sweny’s for soap

Davy Byrnes’s for hope

Don’t hesitate to open, this one by Joyce

'Sweet lemony wax.'

‘Sweet lemony wax.’

His words are distinctive, an original voice

Always clever, but not always nice

Be it Molly or Bloom

Her uncertain groom

They get your attention, so planned Joyce

Sweny Chemist, Lincoln Place, Dublin

Sweny Chemist, Lincoln Place, Dublin

Dublin the city, his literary paradise

Source of ideas, and wordy precise

Throwaway or Dignam

He could certainly pick ‘em

Oh, what a man, was our Jimmy Joyce


Don Cameron 2020


The Bloomsady Boy in St Stephen's Green, Dublin

The Bloomsady Boy in St Stephen’s Green, Dublin

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WB Yeats – Happy Birthday

William Butler Yeats was born on 13th June 1865 in 5, Sandymount Avenue, south Dublin, the eldest of four children. Ireland’s greatest poet was one of the founders of the Abbey Theatre, a leading member of the Irish Literary Revival, a Senator in the new Irish Free State and the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923.  (I will arise is dedicated to the great man.)


I will arise


I will arise and go now, to the big shop

A place long-closed and almost forgotten

After such strange effort, my goodies I drop

Please don’t break, the eggs I’ve just gotten


It was fun being there, the place was right stuffed

Crowds gathered for ages, talking bargains galore

Anticipation finally over, we pushed and huffed

So much dizzy excitement, never once a chore


I will arise and go now, be sure to make it count

The place looking lovely, under a cloudless sky

The haggling was tough, but I got a dis-count

After such a busy day, time for bye-bye!


Don Cameron 2020


Bust of WB Yeats in Sandymount Green, Dublin

Bust of WB Yeats in Sandymount Green, Dublin


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