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Dublin – Walking With Words 1

What is the world’s tallest sculpture?

Well you might be surprised to know that it is The Monument of Light (better known as The Spire) on O’Connell Street, Dublin. It’s just one little gem of information that I found when I was researching my e-book ‘Dublin – Walking With Words’ which will be available in May/June!

Walking With Words - front cover

Trinity College – front entrance

The guide covers Dublin, and in it you meet many of its most famous sons and daughters and hear what the city meant to them – in their own Words. It takes you on a stroll through its history where you meet James Joyce, WB Yeats, Oscar Wilde, Brendan Behan, Elizabeth Bowen, Phil Lynott, Molly Malone and many others. You will find out where they lived and worked, and how the city influenced them in their artistic endeavors. Whether it was in the Georgian heartland of Merrion Square, along the Grand Canal, Trinity College or some favourite watering-hole, all these places have a story to tell, and with photographs and maps they are brought to life.

The guide is divided into five sections, each one taking about fifty minutes to complete – depending, of course, on how long you may decide to linger in some friendly pub or restaurant and enjoy the atmosphere!

So, if you have a little time in Dublin and wish to ‘get to know the place’ better than some of the locals, then put on your comfortable shoes and ‘Walk the Walk’.  (Check out the video below for a preview of your ‘Walk‘. I am very thankful to Derek Gleeson for his kind permission to use his composition as a soundtrack.)

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Let’s Get Together!

Hi there,

And I hope that you had a Merry Christmas and that the new year will be good for you. After all that doom and gloom with the ‘expected’ end of the world  on Dec 21st, it’s time we had a good year and shake off all those ‘negative vibes’ that have been dominating us for too long. As someone said to me the other day in Dublin – ‘Make it be, in One-3’ and I could only smile a response at its simple, poetic rhythm. So that’s my mantra for the next twelve months – it’s certainly better many others out there!

PS – On Christmas Morning I had a brisk walk in Sanycove (Co. Dublin) and it blew away, out into the Irish Sea at least,  any cobwebs that had been hanging on. In the photo (below) is the circular James Joyce Museum where his most famous book Ulysses begins, and is a ‘must see’ for all Joyceans visiting Ireland. The museum was one of many so-called Martello Towers, built in the early 1800s to guard against a possible invasion by Napoleon Bonaparte’s navy which, thankfully, never came. Phew!

Christmas morining - and it's bright & brisk!

Christmas morining – and it’s bright & brisk!

This year is the year of The Gathering, when Irish people from far and wide, are welcomed ‘home’ and there are many, many events planned. It should be a brilliant time and no doubt  ‘it’ll be great craic’. A year is a long time to party, talk and get to know people, and if anyone can do then the Irish can – see you there!

So, you know what to do – ‘Make it be, in One-3’,



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