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Along the Pier

Go east young man, along the pier

I know it’s quiet, but you are here

Breathe in the sky

Try not to cry

Hold fast and steady, to beat the fear

East Pier, Dun Laoghaire

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The clocks go back, but time moves on

For you and me, and everyone

A change for the best

Make sure to rest

We need it now, to get the virus done

Time doesn’t wait…

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The QUIET Returns

I wrote this in response to the LOCKDOWN that is now in place


Quality of life, has taken a terrible smack

Under pressure we stay, in our own shack

It’s certainly not nice

Each day a heavy price

Together we’ll win, now let’s not slack

Holding on

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Oscar Wilde – A Man of Importance

He was the Happy Prince, from Westland Row

A writer of words, that continue to glow

From Earnest to Gray

To another great play

No better person, to put on a fine show

A man of Importance, and wonderful wit

The Ideal partner, with whom to sit

Of art a Fan

What a clever man

His piece on the Husband, a joyous skit

From the peak of success, to a soulless Gaol

His spirits burned bright, they did not fail

With absinthe of hate

He beat the dire fate

In De Profundis he penned, a heartfelt tale

After years in Reading, to beaux France exiled

Where on his last work, he painfully toiled

Dying beyond my means’

One clearly gleans

A star to the end, the one-and-only Oscar Wilde

This is my poetic, birthday tribute to Oscar Wilde who was born at 21 Westland Row, Dublin on 16th October 1854.

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The Botanic Gardens – A Happy Place

It’s the place of plants, trees and research too

Enjoy the colours, and the smells around you

Sundials to test

And seats for rest

In our Garden of Eden, there’s much to do

Botanic Gardens - front gate

Botanic Gardens – front gate

Glasshouses are great, they sparkle and shine

You’ll find cactus, lilies and orchids so fine

In the Palm House he sat

Wittgenstein in a hat

Hottest place in Dublin, it is all the time

Plaque to Ludwig Wittgenstein in the Palm House

Plaque to Ludwig Wittgenstein in the Palm House

You’ll meet Socrates, as he takes the fresh air

Or sit in the Bandstand, without pressure or care

Walk in the shade

Down nature’s arcade

And check out the Vikings, if you just dare!

The magnificent Palm House

The magnificent Palm House

It’s steeped in history, and science to know

None more important, than about how we grow

What Is Life did sound

Double-helix was found

The beautiful sculpture, of DNA’s magic flow

DNA Double-Helix sculpture

DNA Double-Helix sculpture

 Don Cameron 2020

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Sir Hugh Lane – The Gallery Guy

Art in the right place, is wonderful to see

And for Hugh Lane’s collection, it had to be

In Charlemont’s building

Shining with gilding

His Impressionist paintings so alive, such esprit


Charlemont House - The Hugh Lane Gallery

Charlemont House – The Hugh Lane Gallery


He had a vision for a gallery, in the centre of town

For exciting modern art, he strived to found

‘Twas the first of its kind

To entertain the mind

A beautiful hero, to his gift forever bound


An innocent victim, he died sadly at sea

The Lusitania sinking, could not foresee

His dream all to share

The gallery now there

Impressive and open, to light and beauty


Don Cameron 2020

Sir Hugh Lane

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