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O’Connell Street – The Main Drag

Running from the Liffey, to Parnell Square

The city’s centre, which we all share

Steeped in history and stories

And no end of glories

A place of honour, without compare


From Easter Rising, to famous parade

And cheering crowds, a great noise made

Where statues of the great

Whose words had weight

Stand in the sunshine, and not in shade


The Spire shimmers, and reaches high

A bit like Nelson, who touched the sky

Where Molly pushed a barrow

It’s as straight as an arrow

Long may it run, for us to enjoy


Don Cameron 2020

Daniel O'Connell - top of the street

Daniel O’Connell – top of the street


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The Liffey – River of Gold

From Dublin Bay, past streets years old

With history and stories, still being told

She charms us all

From Winter to Fall

With heavenly light, she’s a river of gold


Anna Livia, as Joyce once called she

Flows through Dublin city, to the sea

It sparkles and shimmers

For brave race swimmers

Past crowds on north, and south quay


Witness to events, for a thousand years

Rebellions, weddings and a billion tears

She silently rolls on

As we look upon

The oldest presence, who knows no fears


Don Cameron 2020

She just keeps rolling....

She just keeps rolling….


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Oh what man, was George Bernard Shaw

In celebrating George Bernard Shaw’s (164th) birthday (b. Dublin 26th July 1856) I’ve penned this limerick in his honour.


The great man’s plays, often led to guffaw

On social criticism, with a dodgy in-law

With such clever wit

His words so well fit

Oh what a man, was George Bernard Shaw


Doolittle and Barbara, he did draw

And Pygmalion too, without a flaw

You Never Can Tell

How he casts a spell

Oh what a man, was George Bernard Shaw


He held the Oscar, tight in his claw

And Nobel Prize, with a smiling jaw

A king of the stage

His work’s all the rage

Oh what a man, was George Bernard Shaw


Don Cameron 2020

GBS - art and the man

GBS – art and the man

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Dun Laoghaire Marina – Between the Piers

Two piers stretch long, into the sea

Guarding marina, for you and me

Choose East or West

Both are the best

For walks, fresh air and fond memory


Yachts are rocking, in colourful lines

Sailors readying, as the sun shines

The bandstand is loud

What a happy crowd

Hand-in-hand, stroll loving Valentines


Each lighthouse looks, upon the bay

Markers for boats, on their way

Blue tide is flowing

The breeze a-blowing

Flags on masts, flap in the sway


Seagulls swooping, diving in the air

It’s a place to be, without a care

For an ice-cream at Teddy’s

You must always be ready

Peerless place, for us to share


Don Cameron 2020

West Pier, with Dublin Bay and Howth beyond

West Pier, with Dublin Bay and Howth beyond

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The strand is empty, on my own

Tide’s going out, just bubbling foam

Gulls dive and swoop

They screech and whoop

Lost in thought, I continue to roam


The salty air, is sharp and clear

A gentle breeze, brings smiling cheer

Crushing shells clickety, clack

Onwards now, no going back

Twin Towers at Poolbeg, getting near


Rising sunlight, a stunning surprise

Feast for heart, and my gazing eyes

I love being here

Any time of year

Always, forever how my spirits do rise


Don Cameron 2020

Twin Towers at Poolbeg Power Station

Twin Towers at Poolbeg Power Station

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Up the Hill

Me and Jill, went up the hill

For a better view, oh what a thrill

The vista sublime

To horizon line

In sea so calm, now mirror still


White obelisk gleaming, at the top

So to the peak, we giddily hop

Lines in the sky

As silver jets fly

Hang-gliders run, and off they drop


The sumptuous curve, a sight to behold

Of Killiney Bay, better than told

A gentle breeze stirs

The colourful furze

In sunlight bright, as burnished gold


Don Cameron 2020

Mapas Obelisk atop Killiney Hill

Mapas Obelisk atop Killiney Hill



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Sunday Poem – No. 3 ‘Look Forward’

We can travel now further than before
Restrictions lifted, happy are we folk
Meet family and friends now once more
Relax a little and sharing a joke

The sun is shining bringing up a smile
Too long missed, keen to reveal again
Our long-awaited improvement not to foil
Peace and love a gift from wise old Zen

The tension has dropped and colours do shine
Sounds in the garden back on the wing
Nice to see you looking so bright and fine
Better talking like this than having to ring

Habits are changing, our future unclear
Approach it with strength, no sign of fear

Don Cameron 2020

Float, float on...

Float, float on…

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Bloomsday – By the Bay

Due to the current restrictions the celebration of Bloomsday was much quieter than usual, and this poem is a reflection on my visit to the James Joyce Tower in Sandycove and the local area on the day.


The Tower is closed, not a Buck in sight

Bloomers are scarce, corona winning out

Queuing at Cavistons, space left and right

The wordy celebration, muted, no doubt


Swimmers at the Forty Foot, splashing like mad

Walkers on the pier, taking in the sun

Some period dress on view, even a Joyce cad

Making the most of, the music and fun


No sails flapping, on the snot green sea

The empty bay a silent, blue backdrop

Time for a refreshing drink, ‘Fancy some tea?’

‘Oh yes, please, as I feel I’m ready to flop.’


So we headed across, the lawn to our dream

No tea for now, but a Teddy’s ice cream!

Don Cameron – 2020

A bay view - Blooming beautiful!

A bay view – Blooming beautiful!


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A Song for Now

I was in Spain when the coronavirus was beginning to spread like wildfire. That put an end to any chance I had of playing the planned gigs, and thankfully I managed to leave the day before the Spanish lockdown was put in place. A few days after I returned to Dublin I developed flu-like symptoms and was very worried. All the more so since I found out that a friend on the flight home had tested positive for the virus and spent time in ICU. Thankfully, I was okay and my friend made a full recovery. It was a scary and surreal time and I knew that I had to write about my experience.

I wanted the lyrics of Time Will See This Through to reflect the hope that I had when I was ill and what we all need now. After the song was recorded my friend, Brendan Hayes, shot the video in the beautiful Marlay Park, Rathfarnham. The place has been a lifesaver for me as I live nearby, and have happily spent many hours walking its peaceful tree-lined pathways.

Stay Safe, Everyone

Berni Philbin, (Dublin, June 2020)

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The Bloomsday Boy

Ulysses, James Joyce’s most famous work, is set on June 16th and has become known as Bloomsday. It is celebrated with great gusto and reverence all over the world, and this ‘Limerick for Jimmy’ is my contribution.


Looking for a book, with plenty of choice

Try Ulysses, there’s many a device

With Sweny’s for soap

Davy Byrnes’s for hope

Don’t hesitate to open, this one by Joyce

'Sweet lemony wax.'

‘Sweet lemony wax.’

His words are distinctive, an original voice

Always clever, but not always nice

Be it Molly or Bloom

Her uncertain groom

They get your attention, so planned Joyce

Sweny Chemist, Lincoln Place, Dublin

Sweny Chemist, Lincoln Place, Dublin

Dublin the city, his literary paradise

Source of ideas, and wordy precise

Throwaway or Dignam

He could certainly pick ‘em

Oh, what a man, was our Jimmy Joyce


Don Cameron 2020


The Bloomsady Boy in St Stephen's Green, Dublin

The Bloomsady Boy in St Stephen’s Green, Dublin

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