Let’s Go Round Again

The reason for its construction is unique, and the Round Room has certainly played a notable part in Irish history. With the upcoming visit of George IV it was deemed necessary to build a place that would accommodate the expected large crowd as there was no other room in Dublin suitable for the ‘big party’. So, the noted architect John Semple got to work and designed the circular building, which at the time of the king’s visit had a temporary roof. Building such a place for a party seems like a particularly Irish thing to do, and the night, of course, was an enormous success with the king saying, ‘My heart has always been Irish’. In the exhibition there is much to see about the king, the big night, plans for the building, the clothes worn by attendees, music played during the evening, and you can even learn some fancy dance moves! Hey, do you do the quadrille?

George IV ‘My heart has always been Irish’

The place has since been used for many events including plays, concerts, sales-of work, Irish dance competitions, craft fares and for conferring the Freedom of the City on popular recipients when the Oak Room (in the Mansion House) was deemed too small. And, famously, on the 21st January 1919 the place was packed when the First Dail was convened. The Round Room’s place in history is assured, and the exhibition brings it to life in an interesting and informative style.

The First Dail

The exhibition is FREE and runs until 29th August. You can book tickets at www.roundroom200.com

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Sweet Surprise

We climbed the hill, under a bright sunrise

The high point, of our quiet emprise

On the sea down below

Light danced to and fro

A beautiful memory, such a sweet surprise

Sweet Surprise

Killiney Bay, Dublin

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Friendly Stroll

Had a friendly stroll, just the other day

There was much to see, but little to say

Because silence is golden

Words remained unspoken

As being together, made it all okay

Walk on…

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To the beach

The sand is warm, as I happily go

Another step, in the bubbling flow

Where frisbees fly

Under an azure sky

‘Let’s go to the beach’, I can’t say no

To the beach

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Do Your Best

Relax, take it a easy, after all the pain

Sun is shining, there’s much to gain

Just do your best

A sign to the rest

Hey, that was good, let’s do it again

Fun in the sun…

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Midsummer Day

‘Tis early morn, on this Midsummer Day

Birds are singing, squirrels skip and play

They pay me no heed

It’s just what I need

As on the breeze, drifts a perfect bouquet

Perfect bouquet


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Bloomsday Bliss

The sun is high, on this bright, warm day

Martello busy, crowds moving in sway

Joyce’s words are spoken

Rapt silence unbroken

As salty air tickles, drifting in from the bay

Martello Tower, The James Joyce Museum, Sandycove

On Sandymount Strand, you can walk forever

Or enjoy the sea, wind, panorama, whatever

Davy Byrnes for drinks

Oh yes, methinks

Would I miss such a chance, me, no way, never

He entered Davy Byrnes. Moral pub. (Ulysses – Episode 8 ‘Lestrygonians’)


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A light breeze blew, as I crested the dune

In the fading sky, hung a great white balloon

Through a heavenly door

Moonbeams danced inshore

And the image I saw, made my heart swoon

Moonbeams dancing

Photo: Dave Cassidy

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Of this lifelong joy, I must be candid

Fave sea walk, not taken for granted

Where the air is clear

And brings much cheer

While on the beach, I’m happily stranded!

Take a walk…

Sandymount Strand, Sandymount, Dublin

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Roll No More

I loved to roll it, down the smooth lane

The place now gone, oh what a shame

No strikes to cheer

Dodgy splits to fear

But laughs and smiles, happily remain

Let It Roll!

Remembering many good times at the Stillorgan Bowl, Dublin which was demolished recently.

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