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St Stephen’s Green – Heart of the City

St Stephen’s Green, is the heart

Of Dublin City, much history and DART

How splendid its call

To one and all

In the sunshine, it looks so smart


Where Ardilaun, Rossa and Joyce reside

Best not to rush, your time to bide

Full of colourful flowers

In quiet, shady bowers

Our Garden of Eden, and place to hide


Sunbeams dancing, upon the lake

A gardener busy, with his rake

Birds squawk to be fed

Throw them some bread

A moment passes, much joy to take


Don Cameron 2020


Me, me...over here!

Me, me…over here!

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Let It Roll

This is a short poem about going to the local Bowling Alley, a place that I had not been in a long time – and it was fun!


It had been a while, and good for the soul

Loosened up gently, like my friend Noel

The pins were ready

Now keep it steady

It’s time for fun, so let’s just bowl


First ball was bad, went down a hole

The score’s not nice, as I see it scroll

Do the right thing

Make that swing

A glorious strike, and the frame I stole


Score swung around, if the truth be told

I was mostly behind, but refused to fold

His ball in the gutter

My heart went aflutter

On the way back, I’m in from the cold


Scrapping tooth and nail, to reach our goal

Friend now nervy, pressure taking its toll

His knees did shake

Bad time for mistake

My final delivery, the dream of a roll



Don Cameron 2020

Let it roll!

Let it roll!


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Wordy Men – Dublin’s Nobel Laureates

Dublin has long been recognised as a literary influencer and it is nice to see that three city natives – WB Yeats (1923), GB Shaw (1925) and Samuel Beckett (1969) have received the Nobel Prize for Literature. Seamus Heaney, a Derry native who lived in Sandymount, Dublin for many years, joined the exclusive club in 1995.


He was a poetic man, from Sandymount

Tales of Irish mystics, he did recount

Aengus and The Tower

Words of such power

That tumbled easily, from the fount


Playwright, activist with Academy prize

So many plays, did he cleverly devise

Press Cuttings were right

To his utter delight

In great observation, his genius lies


If you want less words, as some often do

Sam has plays, that will just suit you

Perhaps Come and Go

Or, yer man Godot

However small, there’s always much to chew


District and Circle the way to go

Next stop coming, is Golden Bough

Needing Room to Rhyme

Good time after time

A man beloved, he just steals the show

Don Cameron 2020

Write On....and on

Write On….and on…

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Howth – Top of the Bay

The train rattles, by the shining sea

Heading north, from old Dublin ci-ty

Sandy beach to my right

What a wonderful sight

On to Howth, and stroll carefree


George's 'wee feet' on the West Pier

George IV’s ‘wee feet’ at the end of the West Pier

Its history dating, to lost Viking days

Take in the harbour, or stunning cliff ways

See George’s wee feet

So dainty and neat

And spot Ireland’s Eye, beneath golden rays


A pier to the left, and one to the right

King Sitric’s town, is a real delight

There is much to do

From seafood to brew

Enjoy the mood, no fancy of flight


Don Cameron 2020

East Pier with Ireland's Eye

East Pier with Ireland’s Eye

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O’Connell Street – The Main Drag

Running from the Liffey, to Parnell Square

The city’s centre, which we all share

Steeped in history and stories

And no end of glories

A place of honour, without compare


From Easter Rising, to famous parade

And cheering crowds, a great noise made

Where statues of the great

Whose words had weight

Stand in the sunshine, and not in shade


The Spire shimmers, and reaches high

A bit like Nelson, who touched the sky

Where Molly pushed a barrow

It’s as straight as an arrow

Long may it run, for us to enjoy


Don Cameron 2020

Daniel O'Connell - top of the street

Daniel O’Connell – top of the street


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